Artificial Intelligence And Its Role In Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance (PV) is the practice of monitoring the reactions to prescribed medications. Each year, some patients who have been prescribed medications will incur adverse reactions. These reactions may result in sickness or hospitalization. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prominent in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. It can determine risk factors, generate and test hypotheses, and suggest alternate production methods.

Mistakes Can Harm A Company's Credibility

Logging data, running reports that coincide with the manufacturing of a product, and consulting with third-party sellers are some of the responsibilities of the manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. One mistake in the manner that a product is formulated or dispensed could harm a company's credibility.

Because medications are closely regulated by the FDA, it is essential that pharmaceutical industries follow a pharmacovigilance plan. A plan may involve consulting with a project manager and acquiring AI equipment that will allow a manufacturing company to monitor their formulation and production processes 'in-house'.

Errors Can Be Omitted In The Initial Stages

Producing a batch of medicine and dispensing it nationwide is a huge responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. AI equipment and programs are able to detect errors in the initial stages of developing a new product. AI may generate a hypothesis and come up with an outcome. Results will be provided in real-time. If there is any issue with the way that a particular product has been formulated, those who are overseeing the introduction of a product can halt the process and can examine things more closely.

Mixing medications with others or prescribing a product that may interfere with an underlying health issue could have negative effects. An AI process may identify some risk factors involved that are not detected by the individuals who are preparing a new product. Human error can occur in a busy environment and there may not always be time for someone to double-check another person's observations. AI will act as an extra layer of protection and will provide an end user with the validation they need to proceed with the manufacturing of a product.

A pharmacovigilance consultant may be able to advise a client on how to use AI equipment and programs and specify which type of equipment will work best for the environment where a new medication is being formulated and produced. An AI process should never take the place of a human's role. It should simply be used as an extra layer of security that will ensure that products are being formulated and manufactured in a safe manner. 

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