Used Boats: Should You Inspect It Before You Buy It?

If you plan to purchase your first used boat from a local seller soon, you may not think to inspect the boat first. Even if the seller comes with rave reviews, you still want to ensure the boat is in good condition before you pay for it. In this case, you want to hire a pre-purchase boat inspector to look over the boat for you. Learn why it's important to inspect used boats before you buy them below. 

What Could Be Wrong With Used Boats?

Many adults purchase or invest in used boats, or vessels, to save money during the year. Although most used boats are in good condition, some used boats may not be. The boats may have mechanical and structural problems that make them unsafe to take out on the water. Hull damage is one of the issues that affect some used boats today.

The hull, or body of the vessel, is the portion of the boat that sits directly in the water. The bottom of the hull can sustain damage if a boater strikes an unseen object in the water, or if a boater doesn't take good care of the vessel. Some boats can take on water and sink if they experience too much hull damage.

In addition to hull damage, you want to ensure the vessel you plan to buy doesn't have problems with its transom. The transom, which sits in the rear of the boat, keeps the boat's inboard or outboard motor in place. If the transom sits too low in the water, it can allow the boat to take on water. 

You can ensure the vessel you plan to buy is safe and worth the money by having a pre-purchase boat inspector examine it for you. 

How Can a Pre-Purchase Inspector Help You?

A pre-purchase boat inspector will look for things in the boat that could make it unsafe to use, including:

  • cracks in the hull
  • drainage problems in the transom
  • mechanical damage in the inboard or outboard motor

An inspector will also evaluate the condition of the boat's accessories, including the cover and bimini. The cover and bimini protect the inside, or interior, of the boat from sun damage. Sun damage can weaken the boat's hull over time. 

If an inspector finds minor cracks in the hull, problems with the transom, or issues with the motor, ask the seller to repair the damage before you purchase the vessel from them. You can replace the cover or bimini yourself, if necessary.

If the inspector finds critical problems with the boat, go ahead and find another boat to inspect and purchase for your needs. 

You can learn more about boat inspections by contacting a pre-purchase boat inspector today. 

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